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Energy savings can have a direct bottom line impact. Galaxy Energy can provide your business or enterprise with an easy and effective way to lower your energy expense and offer you competitive rates on your monthly electricity bills.

That means innovative fixed-rates that guarantee stability even when fuel prices fluctuate. Imagine locking in rates now and paying the same, low price for energy every month, no matter what the market conditions look like.

Lower Your Energy Expense and Start Saving Money Now

Galaxy Energy Will Work For You. Our goal has always been to:
    • Insure a monthly charge that stays the same month-to-month
    • Uncover tax advantages overlooked by larger utilities
    • Audit energy usage to determine a cost-efficient equipment replacement schedule
    • Assure accuracy of metering.

Fixed Rate Prices—
will not change over the course of your contract, and can prove very helpful if electricity prices rise.
Variable Contract—
offer flexible rates based on current market prices in a billable month.
Variable Plus Contract—
are designed for customers who wish to participate in downward markets / declines and want to avoid being locked in at the current market rate for electricity.
Hybrid Contract—
combine indexed, fixed, variable rates and customized for your business.

  • Lower Your Energy Bills and Increase Your Bottom Line

    - Dedicated Account Manager 24/7
    - Variable and Fixed rates
    - Complete utility audit
    - Uncover tax advantages
    - FREE Cost-efficient usage audit
    - Inspect meter accuracy

    Give us the opportunity to learn more about your energy usage. Contact us today and schedule a FREE consultation overview.

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